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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Real wont find it in the cubicle!

What Is Success?
 by: Adam Mahan

 In this day and age, success is often described as having big houses, expensive cars, a fantastic job, and just generally having an apple pie life. However, actual success is demonstrated by one word: wholeness. A whole person is happy, healthy, peaceful, creative, loved, fulfilled, desired and compassionate. To only view success as having tons of expensive things is only grasping a very small part of your potential. The key to living a successful life is understanding and grasping the idea that you are enough. Third John 1:2 has some great insight into what success is. “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” In this passage, John projects an affirmation of health and wholeness, which is very important to our understanding of what success is. In the Greek translation, John addresses the reader as a soul, psuche, instead of the English translation “your soul,” as if it is a tangible object that one holds. John also suggests that a part of the continuous unfolding of our essential self, or soul, is to exist, euodousthai, or to be—being constantly in good health or wholeness. Also in the original Greek, this text literally says prospering or prosperity means to have a “good journey." Meaning success is not a destination one must reach. It's an evolving state of consciousness. To put it simply, success is not a thing. It is a process. Material things can be added to your life as you share your talents with the world. However, that's just small part of the joy, love, creativity, compassion and kindness that you were sent here to receive and share. A successful life is sharing your gifts. A successful life is being happy, showing love, being kind, and being the best you you can possibly be. The material items we gain along the way is just a bonus.

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