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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Med Mary

Jobs In Legal Marijuana Industry
By: Adam Mahan
When you think of the Marijuana industry, you probably picture driving through a questionable neighborhood, in the wrong part of town, to meet a sketchy guy that way over-charges you for a small nugget that's mainly comprised of seeds and stems. While a lot of Marijuana is grown and sold in those not so desirable parts of the country, the industry is actually a whole lot bigger and more complex then that. In fact, you can even legally seek employment working directly with this herb doing one of hundreds of jobs that make up the legal/medical marijuana industry.

Store Managers
Just like any other business, medical Marijuana dispencaries need store managers. Their job is just like any other manager of any other store; to make sure their staff give quality customer service, while monitering the financial performance of their store. Their title also includes the responsibility of recruiting and training staff.

Sales Representatives
Also not unlike other stores, Marijuana dispensaries need Sales Representatives. Their job is to visit dispensaries and forge relationships between them and growers. Of course, not just anybody can attain this title. A Cannabis Sales Representative must be knowledgeable about all aspects of the medical marijuana business, as well as the products.

The job of a grower is just that, to grow Marijuana. Obviously, the medical marijuana dispencaries don't want to get their product from those sketchy people I mentioned earlier, so they hire and designate qualified people to grow their product for them. Not surprisingly, this is one of the most sought after jobs in the industry. The best ones are in very high demand, and have the potential to make around $100,000 a year. Yeah, that much green just for growing green.

Edibles Chefs
If you have a talent for baking and a love for all things Marijuana, this may be a perfect job for you. Of course, it's much more than just basic cooking. the job of an edibles chef involves carefully infusing the correct amount of marijuana concentrate into delicious goods, and make them safe for consumption. If you've ever had or tried to make a "special brownie", you know that sometimes they're just too much to handle. The job of these professionals is to make sure every treat has just the right amount of the good stuff.

Due to the fact that a lot of medical Marijuana users have debilitating conditions that make it hard for them to leave the house, many dispensaries offer delivery services. This job will require you to have a valid drivers license, and no criminal record. Some states also require you to have a medical Marijuana permit. This job requires a lot of driving and customer interaction, but it's a vital position to the industry.

Budtenders are basically the customer service/public relations people of the medical Marijuana world. They are the customer's go-to people for information regarding the products and making purchases. Budtenders must possess knowledge of the herb and other products, and must posess customer service skills. If you aren't all that into smoking Marijuana, but still think a job in the industry might be cool, this is the job for you.

So, we have people growing the plant, and we have people selling it, so we obviously need people to harvest it.  The duties of this entry-level position are primarily trimming and packaging. No experience in the field is required, but it's recommended that you know what you're doing.

How to get a job in the medical Marijuana industry:
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